I get bored easily. I make sure not two days look the same. 

That's why I seek variety: I'm an author, keynote speaker, consultant, trainer, coach, and mentor. 

Still, there's a red thread in all I do. 

Whatever the means, I love to bring out the best in others - to bring out the best in you. If I've created an "Aha" moment for someone - that lightbulb moment - I go to bed with a smile on my face.  

I'm addicted to learning. You'll find me reading and studying all the time.


I'm also committed to authenticity and making the world a better place. I'm convinced that if we dare to stay true to our deeper selves - taking off that mask that society expects us to wear - we'll all be more fulfilled, and happier. And focused on what really matters.


Which in turn will make the world a better place.



If you want team responsibility, 
you will be promoted because of your soft skills
  • People skills
  • Attitude
  • Getting things done


"Mette's book "How to Make Yourself Promotable?" is full of great exercises and practical tips on self improvement and personal branding. She shares many of her own corporate life experiences on today's leadership challenges. It was a pleasure andinspiration for me to read and Mette is a true key person of influence in her field. I highly recommend the book to everyone who cares about success."

 - Mar van Sluijs, President Asia Pacific,Division Power, Oil & Gas at Voitj Turbo Pte Ltd

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