True Leadership Through Inspiring Values

Today, 87% of the worldwide workforce is not engaged.                                             

Employees are plainly not inspired to perform. The lack of alignment between corporate and individual visions, values and purpose strongly contributes to these disturbing numbers. As a result, we see an abundance of companies with 87% unengaged employees. Disengagement  not only means that individuals don’t perform; it’s also toxic to the entire organisation, because disengaged individuals tend to spread negativity.


Inspire and enthuse people to boost performance

Living by ‘Inspiring Values’ is an integral part of long-term, high-performing teams. People who have a strong sense of values will find it easier to find their ‘why’, their purpose. And a purpose-driven organisation is a successful one.


It’s simple: some managers have followers because of their titles or hierarchy position. True leaders, on the other hand, are those who we follow because we are inspired to do so. The more they inspire, the higher the commitment of followers to achieve the joint vision and goals. Joint values are the basis of true inspiration.


When you lead with purpose; when you live and communicate your values and your vision; and when you’re able to enthuse your teams with inspiring values, you’ll unlock vast amounts of energy that boost team performance to unprecedented levels.



In this interactive and hands-on session, participants will:

  • discover why inner values are the source of energy for us to do extraordinary things (short presentation and group discussions)

  • uncover their own inspiring values (game-based exercise)

  • define their stories to live and communicate values, purpose and vision on a daily basis (exercise and group sharing)

  • become equipped with skills to uncover their team members’ values, further boosting team performance (short presentation and exercise)


Following this lunch talk, participants will be able to enthuse and inspire as true leaders. By being their authentic selves, and leading towards goals that they are passionate about, they will be unlocking vast amounts of energy in their teams to accomplish extraordinary things.

Engage Mette for an interactive lunch talk on values-based management

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