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Join our award-winning programme! We received Bronze for this programme at the recent HRM Asia award show.


Do you recognise and observe signs of gender inequality around you? Diversity and Inclusion programmes have long focused on ‘fixing the women’. At MetaMind, we have successfully supported women in growing their self-confidence, and equipped them with the mindset and skills to be successful in today’s business world. However, as women rightfully say, “It’s not just us that need fixing”. When everyone does their part to include people from different backgrounds, we can make real change happen.  


Our "Inclusive Leaders: Male Allies" programme is designed to help move the needle on gender equity in your organisation – creating a safe space to open up about inclusion and focusing on how to develop allyship, as well as the benefits of acting as an advocate in the workplace.  

  • We explore the challenges faced in allyship and discuss strategies to use in order to create powerful, authentic and empathetic leaders.  

  • Our programme takes participants on a journey to not only shape them into inclusive leaders but powerful leaders, too. 

  • The skills and examples we provide will focus on many dimensions of inclusion, whether gender, ethnicity, age, ability or sexual orientation. Our deep dive into this area will not only increase awareness in the workplace but also help participants to develop awareness in their personal lives.  


This programme is for men from all backgrounds in a leadership position, typically with a sizable team reporting to them.  

The Inclusive Leader: Male Allies Programme

  • Duration: 6 weekly online sessions, 90 minutes each

    Mondays starting 15th May 2023, 10am to 11:30am SGT

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