Authentic Leadership: Unmask the Leader Within
By Mette Johansson

Authentic Leadership is much more then simply “being yourself”; It’s about inspiring others to follow your chosen purpose for the greater good. This talk inspires you to become a true and effective leader; the leader that we follow not because of their wealth, position or title, but because we are truly inspired to follow them.  

Authentic leaders have high levels of self-awareness and emotional intelligence, and know that sustainable success requires leading for a purpose for the greater good. Human leaders, who listen, and lead a team of individuals to success. In this talk, we share MetaMind’s seven steps to develop Authentic Leadership in your organisation.

Biases: The Human Conversation
By Kaumudi Goda

The world we live in is increasingly diverse.


As individuals, we all have blind spots and biases. Technology accelerates and amplifies the impact of our decisions. Understanding and managing bias is critical not only to becoming stronger, more effective and inclusive individuals & leaders, but also a critical first step towards embedding equity in organisations in meaningful and sustainable ways to create an inclusive, empowering and inspiring work environment.

Inspiring Values
By Mette Johansson

Identify the inner values that inspire you, and inspire others with them. Living by your inner values is the secret to unlocking vast amounts of energy in you, and it helps do the same with everyone on your team. Your team will be enthused, empowered and engaged to accomplish extraordinary things.
This talk will inspire you to inspire others!