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Mette Johansson is a thought leader in the area of Authentic Leadership.


Book Mette as a coach to get clarity on your purpose and what you stand for as a leader. She will typically help you unleash energy by defining meaning through your personal, core values and purpose. Based on this, you will get clarity of direction, define your leadership behaviour and principles, shape your personal authentic brand based, explore how you become an even more inspirational leader, and build the confidence to show up as a powerful, authentic leader. 


Mette also takes clients who are going through a job change with her "First 100 days on the job" programme. Inquire at for more information. 



Mette only takes a limited number of coachees at any given time. Contact us on if she is fully booked and you would like to be added to the waiting list. 

Coaching with Mette Johansson, MBA, CSP, PCC

  • 12 sessions, one-on-one, 60 minutes each, in addition to ongoing support by WhatsApp and email

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