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Executive Presence

How is it that executive presence is immediately visible in some people? 

Janine walks into the meeting room. The moment she does, her presence is felt. She takes a seat at the table, and everyone else gets ready to start the meeting.
We’ve all experienced it. Some people have the ability to walk into a room and command it. We know that they are important; we know we’d better listen – even before they have said anything.

It's a skill most of us desire – the ability to make an unforgettable impression and “own the room” from the moment we walk through the door. 

In our workshop, you will discover the art of projecting unwavering confidence through body language and words, as well as what you say, and effortlessly capturing the attention of any audience. 


Do you command a room, too? Do you have this “Executive Presence”?

What makes our Executive Presence workshops different?

Your Executive Presence will quickly crumble away when people see that it is an act you put on. It has to be consistent with who you truly are. 

As in all our workshops, we focus on you. We will boost your inner strengths to make an impact on the room. 

Also, we focus on skills that are very easy to implement, as well as food for thought for longer-term self-improvement, ensuring both immediate benefits as well as continuously growing into a confident and respected leader. 

What will you learn

In our Executive Presence workshops, you'll discover how to master the art of making a positive impression from the moment you enter a room. You'll learn to exude confidence and charisma, leaving an unforgettable impression.

But it doesn't stop there. We believe that true executive presence is a symphony of influence, combining not just what others see and see, but also how you treat others. Our workshop goes beyond surface-level tactics and dives deep into the essence of leadership, dissecting the four fundamental elements that shape your presence:

Make a Lasting Impact and Earn Unwavering Respect

Executive Presence by MetaMind.png
  • Your entrance: Craft an aura that demands attention from the moment you step through the door. We'll show you how to harness body language, dress impeccably, and project an image of authority and competence.

  • Your voice: Words hold immense power. Discover how to express your thoughts with clarity, eloquence, and conviction. We'll guide you through techniques to captivate your audience and inspire action through your spoken words.

  • Your direction: Leadership is about more than just appearance and words; it's about providing a compass for others to follow. Learn how to communicate vision, set clear goals, and steer your team toward success.

  • Your character: The foundation of true leadership lies in your substance and character. Uncover the secrets to becoming a leader who commands admiration and trust, fostering deep connections with your colleagues.

​Join us to learn how to own the room with your authentic power!

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