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Melanie Oliveiro speaks with Mette Johansson about the women-centric themes addressed in her book: 'Narratives' including dispelling myths that undermine some women at the workplace – myths that are keeping them on a lesser footing.

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It's time women stopped being subjected to narratives that both harm and hinder their progress and peace in the workplace, gender equality advocate and author Mette Johansson opines.


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Learn how Mette Johansson ignites the true potential of her program participants  empowering them to rise and shine.


Featured story of the journey of MetaMind Training's founder Mette Johansson.


Our featured story on how we can empower people by accepting and valuing their differences in terms of age, gender, race, religion, handicap, sexual orientation, education, and country of origin.


An inspiring story of how professional and leadership traits can be demonstrated in any role we play.

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Read this article of what you may have not heard about hiring the best person for the job.


In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, effective leadership is crucial for success. Mette Johansson, the visionary Founder and Owner of MetaMind Training, is a prominent figure in the field of leadership development.


Renowned for her advocacy for gender equality, author Mette Johansson introduced her groundbreaking book, "Narratives: The Stories That Hold Women Back at Work."

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