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Diversity, Inclusion, Equity and Belonging

Diversity, Inclusion, Equity and Belonging

We've been discussing diversity and inclusion for decades - and many organisations have publicly stated their commitment for the same period of time. Although the Fortune 500 list has more than doubled its proportion of female CEOS in the past 10 years, it still stands at a dismal 7.4%. Only one black woman has entered the list. 

Only 85% of Americans with autism holding university diplomas are unemployed.

In one survey, 77% of transgender people took active steps to avoid mistreatment at work in the preceding year, including hiding their sexual identities.

Diversity has many dimensions, and we are committed to supporting companies on their journey to be more inclusive. Read on to learn how we do this!

How we work with organisations in Diversity and Inclusion 

Whether you are new to Diversity and Inclusion, or whether you would like a partner to speed up change, we can support you. 

We consult around D&I activities, partnering with you to create a multi-year programme that sets strategic priorities. 

We work with you to diagnose the biggest issues and co-create solutions, and are agnostic to the tools to solve it. Whether system overhaul, coaching, ERG setup, mentoring programme design - we are here to support you to create a culture of belonging for all. 

When you have a clear strategy for Diversity and Inclusion, our team is happy to support you in the implementation phase.


Our bias programmes go beyond the "check box" exercise that it unfortunately has become for some organisations, and our inclusion programmes can be tailored to any country, company and circumstance. 

Our coaches are skilled in facilitating discussions on inclusion, and we have moderators and speakers to inspire your teams at large corporate events. 

Do women need "fixing"? We know that women can benefit immensely from learning how to navigate a system that has not been designed with them in mind. And men have lots of learning potential, too.

  • Our open programmes laser focus on what's needed to create prompt and lasting change

  • Programmes are a combination of group coaching and training

  • We focus on the awareness, skillset and mindset needed for women to succeed, and allies to create a safe environment

Tailoring specific D&I offerings including bias and inclusion training 

Partnering with companies to develop and execute their D&I strategies

Open programmes for Women in Leadership and Male Allies

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