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Unmask the leader Within 

How do you lead in a world where everything you’ve learned might change overnight?

After a global pandemic, major supply chain disruptions and geopolitical tensions, we know that we cannot rely on a leadership playbook any longer. Copying leaders who have been successful in the past doesn’t guarantee the confidence that we can be successful today and tomorrow. 

Amongst all this change, fortunately, we all have a powerful compass to lead through the roughest waters: our core, personal values and beliefs. The principles MetaMind Training stand for.  


At MetaMind, we know that we become the best leaders when we have a highly developed self-awareness and recognise not only our weaknesses and strength, but also what we stand for. Self-awareness allows us to live consistently according to a set of values and principles and build trust as a leader and inspire your teams to weather any storm. 

That’s why our training programmes start with You in mind. We create great leaders by building on You.

authentic leadership development

Authentic Leadership

Mette Johansson Authentic Leadership framework.png

What you will learn

Based on MetaMind’s founder Mette Johansson’s upcoming book, we tailor leadership programmes on authenticity and authentic leadership. In fact, many of our programmes are rooted in authenticity and authentic leadership, because we know that authenticity is one of the best tools in your leadership toolbox.


The Authentic Leadership framework developed by MetaMind's founder, Mette Johansson

Discover how you can lead through choppy waters with high self-awareness and, your personal core values and principles. 

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