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male Allies

Inclusive Leadership - Male Allies

Male Allies
From Ally to Advocate 

Do you know how to proactively create a culture where everybody is valued for their contribution, regardless of gender, background, age and more? 

Diversity and Inclusion programmes have long focused on “fixing the women”, and at MetaMind, we have successfully equipped hundreds of women with the confidence to lead.

However, many of the women we work with rightfully say that “It’s not just us who need fixing”. And Diversity and Inclusion programmes must go further than focusing on gender! 

Panel Discussion

By developing inclusive leaders who actively embrace diversity and inclusivity, we can collectively drive change and create cultures where everyone feels valued and has the same opportunities to be rewarded and promoted.

At MetaMind, we've been empowering clients with our in-house Inclusive Leadership programmes for years. Our open programme has been designed for men only, because we have found that this creates the best environment for everyone to speak openly and to uncover concerns about DEI. 

And we can only advance the conversation and progress when concerns are addressed, rather than swept under the carpet. 

Now, we're excited to offer a virtual version, catering to multiple clients across EMEA and APAC.


of businesses say that diversity helped them come up with the most creative ideas


​of employees indicated that an inclusive workplace led them to choose the most suitable employer. 


​Companies with inclusion practices generated 30% higher revenue per person because of the flexibility that comes with diversity

Learning outcomes 

By joining our program, you will be creating a safe and supportive space to discuss inclusion and learn how to become a strong ally beyond promoting gender balance. It is about creating inclusive workplaces for all. You’ll learn how to create a workplace culture where everyone feels valued and heard.

Participants will explore opportunities to:

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Definition for appropriate action plans.PNG
people skills.PNG
A boost for your career and  confidence.PNG

Discover the obstacles of allyship and tactics to foster genuine and compassionate leadership.

Identify allyship challenges and cultivate authentic and empathetic leadership strategies.

Learn how to promote inclusion across multiple dimensions such as gender, ethnicity, age, ability, and sexual orientation.

By delving deeply into this area, individuals can not only raise their awareness in the workplace but also cultivate greater self-awareness in their personal lives.

Who is this for? 

The Inclusive Leadership: Male Allies programme is for men with all backgrounds, in a leadership position with a sizable team reporting to them and who want to make a real impact.

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