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Influencing skills

Influencing Skills

Ready to master influencing skills and achieve unparalleled success?

At MetaMind, we help our clients acquire the skills to persuade and convince people whilst staying true to themselves .

Influencing skills include: 

  • Public speaking and presentation skills: Be confident on stage and amaze your audience.

  • Building trust: Unlocking the Power of Connection.

  • Inspirational skills: Be Inspired to Inspire

  • Communicate vision, values, mission and strategy: Inspire, Align, Impact and Drive Success 

  • Fundamental negotiation skills: Win-Win Strategies and Stressless Negotiation

  • Navigating challenging conversations: Building Bridges through Effective Communication.

  • Effective communications: Connect, Engage, and Influence

  • Personal branding: Stand Out Authentically 


Leaders become successful when they communicate effectively, persuade people and motivate them to work towards common goals for a better tomorrow.


That’s why we developed our influencing skills training to help you inspire and motivate people around you. Because let’s admit it, when your team is full of positive and motivated people, you’ve set the path for growth and success.

What will you learn

As a people leader, your main responsibility is to create an environment where everyone strives to be better and to generate success rather than simply manage tasks.


At MetaMind, we take pride in providing an extensive range of dynamic learning programs aimed at inspiring, influencing, and making a positive impact on others. Among our diverse offerings, we offer workshops specifically tailored to enhance your negotiation skills. 

Our influential workshop is designed to help you:

  • Gain a profound understanding of human motivation, emotions, and the various ways people can be influenced.

  • Elevate your confidence levels and develop an authoritative executive presence.

  • Master effective communication techniques encompassing all dimensions of interaction, including nonverbal and verbal cues.

  • Hone your skills as a powerful presenter and public speaker, whether addressing your team in weekly meetings, at annual global gatherings, or delivering impactful speeches to large audiences at town halls and conferences.

  • Learn how to structure your messages for maximum impact, ensuring that your ideas resonate with your audience.

  • Strengthen your listening skills to foster meaningful connections and facilitate productive discussions.

  • Cultivate comfort in engaging in challenging conversations, allowing you to address difficult topics with confidence and sensitivity.

  • Acquire the necessary tools to become a skilled negotiator, including a comprehensive understanding of negotiation.

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