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The ability to influence and impact others is essential for success in any professional role. At our organisation, we recognise this and offer a range of training programmes and resources to help you become more convincing and persuasive in your interactions with others.

At our organisation, we believe that developing your influencing and impacting skills is not just about achieving personal success, but also about creating positive change in the world around you. That's why our training programmes and resources are designed to help you develop not just the ability to persuade and convince others, but also the ability to inspire and motivate them to work towards shared goals.

What will you learn

As a people leader, our main responsibility is to influence others rather than simply manage tasks. At MetaMind, we offer a wide range of learning programs designed to inspire, influence, and impact others, including workshops on negotiation. Our workshop will help you:

  • Understand human motivation and how people can be influenced

  • Communicate effectively using all dimensions of communication, including nonverbal and verbal communication

  • Structure messages for maximum impact

  • Improve listening skills

  • Present with impact and connect with the audience

  • Be comfortable embracing challenging conversations and negotiations

  • Understand the basics of negotiation, including BATNA and ZOPA

If you're interested in our recent proposal on challenging conversations and negotiation, here's what we offer:

Participants will understand what makes a conversation challenging, including issues related to ego and emotions, communication, and differing stances. We'll provide you with a framework for navigating these challenges.

Participants will increase their confidence when having challenging conversations with peers, bosses, subordinates, clients, and vendors.

Participants will learn how to better manage their own emotions as well as those of others.

Participants will gain a deeper understanding of their own negotiation style and develop a win-win mindset that remains focused on finding solutions.

Testimonials for Programmes:

Audrey ANG

Head, Finance, China, CapitaL

and Investment

Thanks for today’s session! I really find the sessions useful. Makes me constantly reflect, which is not a thing that

I do enough.

Compliments to Mette and Anu for being so engaging! Both of you really walk the talk. I want to encourage male and female colleagues to take this course.

Stella Limothy

Head of Digital / Regional Digital Officer

The program has strengthened me further as a woman in senior leadership – it gives a safe environment to practice negotiation, pitch and dream even bigger. It’s a great session, where collective intelligence and constructive feedback from other women leaders are flowing freely, creating a very nourishing 1.5 hour every week to the mental well-being. Highly recommend to join the program!

Hind Kamal

Market Manager GCC & Other Middle East Countries at Barilla

I would like to thank you deeply about this amazing journey that we had together. This training came in the perfect time for me and changed completely my perspective of so many topics. It is  training that every woman should have in her life.

Jolene Botha

Order and Logistics Specialist, Xylem Water Solutions Middle East Region FZCO

This course has changed my life. My approach to all things in life from work to personal has changed for the better.

Lane Tok

GE Healthcare ASEAN, Healthcare Project Management Leader

This is not just another motivation/training course.

The content and delivery is superb, thanks to the experience/exposure of Mette & KG.

They are amazing. 

What really stands out is that this course coaches us to “go deeper” to understand why and what, enabling us to learn from the basics. I attended a similar course before, but the class size was just too big and too diverse to get the same kind of impact I have had from the 12 classes of this course. The ladies are from different backgrounds and yet we are similar in our beliefs/needs and we build immense trust amongst the team to share and gain key takeaways each time we come together. Every Friday is a day we motivate, we learn and we grow. This is an awesome

learning experience.

Nayla Hage

MET Aftermarket Growth Leader

I am grateful to have been part of the Woman in Leadership Accelerator Programme this year. 

Quite honestly, I was not sure what to expect from this program and soon realized the positive impact that it had on my personal and professional growth.

The sessions were a safe space for women professionals to speak up openly, to address any blocks in the workplace and to grow as we deserve to without the attached stigma that we, as women, tend to put on ourselves.

The passion on the topics discussed on a weekly basis by Mette and Anupama were so encouraging, the interaction and support among the team were absolutely beautiful and the awareness was with great impact.

Thank you,

Ann Jameson

Sr. Director, Asia Deal Desk  


I have had the privilege to collaborate with Mette on multiple occasions including a session with my entire team on owning your personal brand, women on my team experiencing Mette’s ‘Women in Leadership’, and finally men on my team participating in the ‘Male Allies’ workshop. I have also participated as a guest panellist for the Women in Leadership workshop. Mette’s workshops have positive impact because they are presented in a relaxed manner, they provide real and identifiable scenarios, and are very applicable to the business world today. I also love that Mette brings people together with varying background and from different companies. This helps participants broaden their perspectives and learn from others across industries. I look forward to continuing my collaboration with Mette and the MetaMind workshops in the future.  

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