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unconscious bias

Unconscious Bias

Breaking Down Barriers of Unconscious Bias

What are biases? What is conscious and unconscious?

Both conscious and unconscious biases are based on information stored in our subconscious mind.  They help us recognise patterns and take mental shortcuts.


For instance, when we’re exposed to danger, we resort to quick, automated responses. When we find ourselves outside, alone in the dark and something is rustling in the bushes, we don’t stop and consider all potential sources and various options. We’re likely to automatically perceive it as a danger and fight, or take flight.


Biases have helped us survive for hundreds of thousands of years.


However, when we subconsciously take distance from, dismiss or even reject people who look different to us, these same biases are in the way for creating inclusive workplace cultures.


At MetaMind we go beyond the average box-checking style of training that creates awareness of bias. To create inclusive cultures, bias training needs to dig deeper and learn how biases work, and how we can mitigate them.


We typically start our workshops by creating awareness of how biases are expressed in daily language and suggesting alternative expressions. We then delve into the biases you would like to counter, for instance in people processes from hiring to firing, and finally, we will explore effective reactions to combat them as well as alternative modes of action.

What will you learn

Our bias training programs address various topics, such as:

  • Understanding bias and its impact

  • Recognizing that it is human to be biased

  • Strategies to overcome bias

  • Addressing “Bias in Action”: microaggressions and microinequities

  • Taking a stand against bias

  • Becoming an Inclusive Leader

Contact us now to discover how our bias training programs can assist you in identifying and reducing bias - and become an inclusive leader!

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