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Cultural Intelligence

Cultural Intelligence

Building Cross-Cultural Competence

Cultural intelligence is essential to navigate different cultural contexts effectively. In an increasingly diverse and interconnected world, we will only succeed when equipped with the skills of relating to and working effectively with people from different cultural backgrounds. It goes beyond cultural sensitivity. With highly developed Cultural Intelligence, you will know how to use diversity to your competitive advantage.

In MetaMind’s cultural diversity training, we work with the 8 dimensions of cultures as described by Erin Meyer in the Culture Map.


Our Cultural Intelligence workshops are not just insightful and providing you with tools to strategically use cultural diversity to your advantage; workshops are fun, because we get to laugh about cultural blunders that are inevitable when we work across borders.

What will you learn

In our workshops, we begin by assessing your cultural profile using Erin Meyer's Culture Map. Recognising and understanding cultural differences is the first step toward navigating them successfully.

We will tailor the workshop based on the most relevant cultural clashes for your organisation, and work through specific solutions.


Our cultural intelligence training programs typically cover:


  • Understanding culture: You'll learn about different cultural dimensions, become more self-aware, and recognize cultural differences.

  • Cultivating curiosity: You'll develop a curiosity to understand other cultures and overcome cultural stereotypes and biases.

  • Adapting to cultural norms: You'll learn how to adjust to different cultural norms and expectations.

  • Building cross-cultural relationships: You'll acquire communication skills to effectively connect with people from diverse cultures.


After completing our training, you'll realize that what is considered logical or right can vary across cultures. There isn't necessarily a universally correct way of doing things. We simply have different habits. This understanding will spark curiosity about our differences and lead to greater patience. In other words, you'll navigate cultural differences with more ease.


Get in touch with us today to learn more about our cultural intelligence training programmes and how we can help you develop the skills you need to succeed in diverse and complex environments.

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