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Middle Management and Team Leaders

Does your middle management… 

  • Make sure the company's vision, mission, values, and strategy are understood and followed by everyone?

  • Lead in a way that gets all employees committed, engaged, and productive?

  • Create a safe environment where everyone feels valued and ideas can thrive?

  • Develop a strong group of future leaders to take charge when needed?


Developing leadership skills is essential for the success of your company. Nowadays, people prioritize meeting commercial deadlines over having essential people managing skills. This can lead to people getting promoted without being provided a structured way of developing people management skills.

Good leadership begins with the right mindset and is boosted with modern leadership theories and skillset.

At MetaMind, we will support you in developing the exact skills needed in your organisation.

A taste of our Middle Manager Training  programmes

The Leadership Mindset

What is leadership? How do you adapt quickly to a changing environment? How do you motivate and encourage your team to achieve corporate objectives?

The days of "it's my way or the highway" are gone. In today’s fast-changing world, everyone needs a purpose to be productive at work. Not just Gen Z.

Let’s develop your skills to be able to lead flexibly and effectively in every situation - even when the market changes overnight.

This programme is a combination of;

  • Theory (e.g. situational leadership)

  • Mindset (leadership mindset)

  • Skillset (from communicating the vision to providing feedback and a lot more in between!)

Leading Remote Teams

Remote working will stay from now on and it is imperative to recognise how the new online working world is impacting your teams.

In our workshops, we will cover;

  • Building trust in teams - whether remote, in-office or hybrid

  • Maintaining engagement despite the physical barriers due to remote working

  • Managing productivity in remote and hybrid teams

  • Collaborating and innovation creating in remote and hybrid teams


Join us to ensure your leaders get the sweet spot where remote teams can be trusted, feel valued and add value without micromanaging. 

The People Side of Change

In today’s age of disruption, uncertainty, and complexity are the new normal.

Managing skills is still challenging for everyone. And coming up with a new strategy is no recipe for success. Why does change fail that much? People aren’t ready and consciously or unconsciously resist change. 

Our programmes go beyond analysing the change curve and focus on individual human needs.


The course will be tailored and can include;

  • Basic Change Management Theory

  • Emotional intelligence

  • Effective communication

  • Coaching skills for leaders


And much more!

Appraisals and Feedback

We all know that receiving feedback is crucial for personal growth. 

However, we tend to feel apprehensive about the appraisal process, whether we are giving or receiving feedback. 

How can we make feedback more enjoyable? 

  • By incorporating it into our daily routine and embracing the concept of "feed-forward." 

  • Feed forward is a growth-mindset technique that emphasizes the potential for growth. It is both a mindset and a skill. 

  • Engage MetaMind to learn this skill, along with other effective techniques for offering constructive criticism.

Challenging conversations

Many team leaders and their staff prefer to avoid entering conflict and challenging conversations. And when they do, it can lead to detrimental outcomes.


Conflicts are inevitable. With the right mindset and communication skills, people can make it less intimidating and uncomfortable. 


In our workshops on challenging conversations, you will learn to embrace them by focusing on the issue, rather than blaming people. 

We will further cover:

  • Understanding what creates conflict

  • Managing emotions and ego

  • Managing communications

  • Managing different viewpoints

Executive Presence

Do you inspire confidence in people that you are a leader to follow?


Executive presence may appear out of reach for those who aren’t naturally equipped with this mystical “gravitas”. 


However, MetaMind has a straightforward formula for cultivating it. 

Our proven framework for building executive presence includes:

The outer:

  • What people see

  • What people hear


The inner, self-awareness:

  • Your clarity

  • Your substance and character


To learn more about our approach to Executive Presence, explore our workshops focused on influence and impact skills.

Present with Impact

Say farewell to dull corporate presentations! Capture your audience's attention and effectively communicate your message.  Skillfully sell your ideas to clients, persuade them and inspire action among conference attendees with your impactful presentations!


At MetaMind, our corporate trainers are experienced public speakers with strong know-how to impact through business presentation thanks to their long-standing corporate backgrounds. We understand the power of TED-style talks, along with their benefits and limitations in corporate life.

Happiness and Wellbeing

More and more organisations are realising that happiness and wellbeing at work must be made a high priority. It is a moral imperative with business benefits. Employees perform at their best when they are happy, balanced, and healthy. 


MetaMind’s wellbeing and happiness experts include psychologists, mindfulness practitioners, and meditation trainers. They will tailor workshops to meet your individual needs. 


The programme can include: 

  • Stress management

  • Energy management

  • Resilience training 

  • Defining fulfilling work

  • Happiness and work/life balance


They will ensure that your team is balanced and fulfilled to thrive at work.

Career Skills

At MetaMind, our philosophy is about amplifying you and your authentic self. We believe that you can be successful only if you build on your strengths, and have clarity about what you stand for, and what you can and want to change in the world.


Career skills is a broad area that includes:

  • Taking charge of your own career (accountability)

  • Self-awareness 

  • Personal branding

  • Ensuring a strong positioning in media and social media

  • Networking

  • Seeking mentors and sponsors


And much more!

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