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Executive Leadership training

Own Your Personal Power

Step into your executive potential and leave an indelible mark on the business world with our exclusive Executive Leadership training programs for women at MetaMind.


We are dedicated to empowering women like you to embrace your roles with unwavering confidence, influential leadership, and strategic vision.

Prepare to excel as a leader, break through glass ceilings, and make a lasting impact within your organization and beyond.

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 Empowering Women
to Lead with Confidence

Starting a career alone without a helping hand can have long-term negative impact.


Without the essential knowledge, you can fail easily - especially women, who have to navigate a business world that has been designed by men, for men, and still mostly plays by male rules.

To set young women off on a good start, we’re sharing the wisdom of women who’ve navigated successful careers. 


Women don't feel good enough and aren't confident


Leadership positions are held by women


Women are rated more effective leaders than men

Learning outcomes 

This program will teach you as a woman who’s in the early stages of their career how to influence your life. Also, you’ll learn how to thrive in today’s men-dominated society.

Participants will explore opportunities to:

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A boost for your career and  confidence.PNG

Be aware of gender imbalance in the workplace and be able to navigate it.

Acquire the skills and knowledge to get rid of your “nice girl” behavior and embrace your authentic  power and strength.

Have control over your career and have the mindset to succeed in your realm.

Be confident in yourself and help women lead with pride.

Who is this for? 

If you’re a woman with around five years of work experience, employed by a large and multinational corporation then you’re a perfect fit to be a part of this programme. 

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