Anupama Murali

Anupama Murali

With over 10 years of experience in Corporate training, Anupama Murali is an ICF Associate Certified Coach, Neuro Change Method Practitioner, KeyNote speaker, and Trainer. She brings a rich  experience of over 15 years in the IT world, coupled with an equal number  of years in voluntary work. She works with individuals and groups in the space of Life, Executive Coaching, Self-Leadership training.

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With over a decade of experience working in several countries and in  different roles, Anupama is able to bring practical real-world experience to  her coaching, mentoring, and speaking. It’s this fusion of first-hand  experience, personal anecdotes along with evidence-based tips from her  deep interest in Neuro Change Method that enables her to connect so  deeply with her audiences and create such transformational outcomes.

As a coach, she empowers people to move from a Reactive Life to  Intentional Living by enabling her clients to be more congruent in their life.  Her clients range from corporate professionals to entrepreneurs to  researchers who are keen to live life with Clarity, Stability, and Enthusiasm.

Her clients find her coaching style gentle and deeply transformative.

She specialises in empowering highly accomplished individuals to  overcome Imposter Phenomenon through her work in the area of Enoughness. She has conducted several webinars and workshops at top  universities in Asia in this space. She also conducts webinars and workshops at corporate and academic  organisations on Self-Awareness, Self-Leadership.