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Hire an expert speaker to inspire, motivate and educate your audience!

External experts will provide different perspectives, and can inspire your team to do better, go further, and make a difference.


A great talk leads to improved performance and productivity, as well as a positive outlook and a supportive work environment.


Join the leading companies in the world from Google to Citibank by hiring inspirational speakers for your company event!

Narratives: The Stories That Hold Women Back at Work

By Mette Johansson

Have you ever given much thought to the Narratives that circulate in the workplace?


If your answer is no, you’re not alone. We all have become far too comfortable with the current state of workplaces, and by being too comfortable, we also become more fearful of confrontation.


In this talk, Mette dismantles these ingrained narratives, exposing their irrational foundations. Beyond raising awareness, she also equips individuals with practical strategies, empowering them to counteract inclusion issues.


Common workplace narratives, like "Women are too emotional" or "Mothers aren't committed," perpetuate obstacles for women.


Mette’s perspectives extend beyond the status quo, with the aim of empowering you, making this talk a great one for this International Women’s Day.


Join the conversation with Mette Johansson and take meaningful steps toward greater workplace inclusion.

Authentic Leadership: Unmask the Leader Within
By Mette Johansson

Authentic Leadership is much more then simply “being yourself”; It’s about inspiring others to follow your chosen purpose for the greater good. This talk inspires you to become a true and effective leader; the leader that we follow not because of their wealth, position or title, but because we are truly inspired to follow them.  

Authentic leaders have high levels of self-awareness and emotional intelligence, and know that sustainable success requires leading with a purpose for the greater good. It requires human leaders, who listen, and who lead a team of individuals to success. In this talk, we share MetaMind’s seven-step-framework to develop Authentic Leadership in your organisation.


Be Inspired to Inspire
By Mette Johansson

Are you inspirational?

If you are hesitant to describe yourself as inspirational, you are not alone. You may think that it is for the selected few who were born with that special charisma to enthuse others.

An unprecedented pandemic has caused years of changes, resulting in low engagement levels in workplaces. Leaders had to readjust to remote leadership, and many did not take the time to inspire their teams.


In this talk, Mette Johansson explores what makes us inspirational: how we show up as leaders and how we share our vision, purpose and direction so that our teams are re-energised to follow us.  The key is for you to be inspired. It is much easier to inspire others when you are inspired yourself.


Engage Mette Johansson for your entire team to Be Inspired – to Inspire others. 


Inclusive Leadership:
Talks and Leadership Interventions 
By Mette Johansson

Mette Johansson frequently speaks and conducts a series of C-suite or top leadership interventions on the topic of Diversity, Authenticity and Inclusion.


These are talks that are highly tailored to your needs – simply because companies and countries are on very different stages on their journeys to create inclusive cultures.


She typically covers:

  • The Business Imperative for Inclusion – and the moral one!

  • Reducing bias in action: how to recognize and reduce microaggressions at the workplace

  • From Allies to Advocates: stand up and speak up for others

  • Creating inclusive cultures: inclusive meetings, inclusive people processes and much more!

  • The Inclusive leader: what are the typical traits of an inclusive leader, and how do I become one?


Get in touch to discover more about MetaMind’s DEI consulting, training and coaching offerings.

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