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Axel Johansson

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Axel Johansson studied Business Administration in Germany and Argentina. With over 20 years of experience working for Multinational Corporations in Japan, Singapore and Germany, he is an experienced Marketing and Sales leader in the agricultural industry. In 2016, Axel left the corporate world to focus on his passion: helping clients to enhance their performance and guide them through change processes. As a consultant and ICF certified coach (PCC), he has gained the trust of many senior leaders by navigating them through transformation and leadership challenges.

Building on his career negotiating 9-digit deals across borders in APAC, N-& S-America and Europe, Axel is a certified trainer from the Cultural Intelligence Center. He has lived, worked or travelled to over 70 countries – today, often bringing his bicycle. Axel runs trainings on how to effectively lead multi-cultural teams and how to negotiate successfully in diverse environments.

With many years of Vipassana meditation practice under his belt mindfulness coaching is also close to his heart.

In his spare time, Axel enjoys giving back and is Past President and an active member of the Lion’s Club of Singapore.

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