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Diversity and Inclusion Training

Diversity and Inclusion

Creating an Inclusive Culture for all
with Diversity and Inclusion

Creating a culture of inclusion is absolutely essential in today's world. It's not merely about recruiting individuals from diverse backgrounds; it's about embracing and celebrating the uniqueness of each individual, regardless of their background, identity, or appearance, and ensuring that they feel genuinely valued and respected. Diversity and inclusion plays a key role in equipping individuals with the tools to make this happen.


There’s the moral case of inclusion, which is about honoring and appreciating others for the immense value they bring, regardless of their personal beliefs or identity, simply because it's the right thing to do.


There is also a strong business case. When organisations embrace diverse perspectives, we unleash a powerful wave of creativity and innovation that becomes the lifeblood of many successful companies. Studies have shown the positive impact of diverse leadership teams, revealing that companies in the top quartile of diversity have an impressive 9 percentage points higher EBIT than those in the bottom 25%.


A doubling in the proportion of female CEOs on the prestigious Fortune 500 list in the last 10 years is encouraging, but the current figure of around 10 percent is far from where we should be. It's high time we make concerted efforts to break down the barriers that are holding back talented individuals, including women, people of color, the LGBTQ+ community and other under-represented groups.


At MetaMind, we believe that we are at a moment of time where catalytic change is possible. We support organisations in 

  • Defining DEI strategies

  • Ensuring everyone, whether the leadership team, the DEI council and/or your entire staff have the knowledge and awareness, as well as the skillset and mindset to shape an inclusive culture

  • Review and redefine your culture, systems and process to become more equitable

  • Setting up DEI councils and ERGs

  • Coach and train different groups to be successful

  • And anything that will make your organisation diverse, inclusive and equitable. 

Some of our offering in
Diversity and Inclusion consultancy and training

DEI strategy development

Whether you're taking your first steps or seeking a dynamic partner to accelerate progress, we're here to partner with you on your DEI journey.

Our passionate team is dedicated to consulting on all things D&I. Together, we'll craft a dynamic, multi-year program that establishes strategic priorities to propel your organisation forward.

With your unique needs in mind, we'll identify and tackle the most significant challenges, co-creating innovative solutions along the way. From comprehensive system overhauls to personalized coaching, ERG setup to transformative mentoring programs – we've got you covered.

Together, let's build a vibrant and inclusive culture where everyone feels  valued and included


Leadership intervention

We will take the difficult conversations on DE&I  with your leadership team for you.

A thoughtless comment from a higher-up (think: “aargh. We need a minority for this position to hit the diversity quota”) can undermine your team's efforts towards diversity, equity, and inclusion.

That’s why it’s important to have informative conversations with your leadership team that ensure they understand the principles for inclusion. We plant the seeds with care so your team will bloom when it comes to execution.

When your top leaders prioritize Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, progress follows.


Tailored training

Do you already have a clear strategy for Diversity and Inclusion in place?


At MetaMind we’re happy to help you in the implementation phase. We design specific Inclusion Programmes as well as Bias training to increase the awareness, knowledge, mindset and competencies in your entire workforce to create a truly inclusive culture.

Our tailored bias training programmes go beyond the “check box” exercise. MetaMind’s main goal is to equip everyone with pragmatic strategies to counter bias at the workplace.

Women in Leadership

Do women need "fixing"? No. However, empowering women with the necessary tools to navigate an imperfect system can lead to tremendous benefits.

Our focused programs offer:

  • group coaching and training

  • equipping women with the awareness, skillset, and mindset to succeed.

We also emphasize the importance of allies in creating a safe environment.

Listen to one of Mette's talks about Women in Leadership here

Male Allies

Inclusive Leaders: Male Allies

Do you desire to be an ally to those less privileged than you? In our experience, most people want to be fair to others but may be unaware or unsure of how to do so. We raise awareness about privilege, explore the challenges of conforming to norms, and create a safe space to do so. Join us in becoming better allies, publicly advocating for underrepresented groups, and driving workplace inclusion

Cultural Intelligence

Smoothly navigating cultures

In today's globalized world, cultural competency is crucial. MetaMind prioritizes understanding and adapting to cultural differences rather than simply teaching how to conduct business in a specific culture.

Our "Impacting across Cultures" modules improve communication, collaboration, and negotiation skills for successful cross-cultural interactions.

Diversity & Inclusion Talks

Hire our trainers and speakers for impactful talks to inspire your DEI councils, ERGs, or the entire workforce at company-wide events like International Women's Day and Pride Month. We cover Inclusive Leadership and diverse dimensions like gender, sexual orientation, ability, generation, ethnicity, and beyond!