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Learning on Your Own

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Online Learning

At MetaMind training, we believe in face-to-face learning. Nothing beats having a facilitator motivate you to give you feedback as to where you are on your learning journey, as well as motivate you and keep you on track.

However, we also see the value in online learning. In our experience, it is the most effective when combined with off-line learning courses.

At MetaMind, we create bespoke learning programmes that respond to your company’s learning need. We combine on and offline learning to optimise learning.

Explore your Core Values

Your core values are the principles, concepts and beliefs that are of fundamental importance to you. 

Knowing your core values enables you to achieve self-actualisation. It's simple: fulfilment is about being and doing what is of the highest importance to you.

Take our quiz to start your journey of a more fulfilled life!

More public courses

coming soon!

We see online learning as an effective way to enhance face-to-face learning. 

Our core competency remains tailored learning programmes with a strong personal component, and is often a combination of workshops, 1-1 coaching and online learning rooms. 

Ask about our

Bespoke Corporate Online Courses.

We currently do bespoke online learning for corporate groups and will be launching a public course soon.

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