Learning Programmes

Unmask the Leader Within

Authentic Leadership

MetaMind’s flagship Authentic Leadership programme. Authentic Leadership is much more than simply “being yourself”; it’s about inspiring others to follow your chosen purpose for the greater good.

This corporate training programme creates effective leaders whom we truly want to follow. Leaders, who have high levels of self-awareness and emotional intelligence and know that sustainable success requires leading with a purpose for the greater good. Human leaders, who listen, and lead a team of individuals to success.

One of our breakfast workshops can be watched here

Leading Remotely

If you have taken on leading a remote team from the start of the pandemic or you are brand new to virtually managing your team it is imperative now more than ever to recognise how the new online working world has impacted your teams.

The intensity of the working day has amplified as well the expectation to deliver more leaving employees closer to experiencing digital burnout.

Research by Microsoft indicates that time spent in Microsoft Teams have more than doubled; 50% of people respond to team chats within 5 mins and 42% are having more chats after hours.

As a leader, we have to ask; are we assisting in blending the offline working practices and expectations we once had to the online practices that are now prevalent?

Our course will help leaders to not only open up about challenges in the virtual world but communicate effectively and recognise a burnout team.

Impacting across Cultures

Intercultural intelligence

Intercultural intelligence programme by the leading corporate leadership training company in Singapore

Today, understanding and navigating cultures is as important as ever. Rather than focusing on “how to do business in….”, MetaMind’s approach is about developing a better understanding of differences, and how you can adapt and blend in when needed.

“Impacting across Cultures" includes modules that promote the ease of dealing with people from different cultures, smoothen communication and collaboration, preparing for successful cross-border negotiation, and even help people from traditionally more quiet cultures to speak up.

Executive Presence

Do you inspire confidence in people that you are a leader to follow? 

Executive presence can seem mystical. In fact, there is a clear recipe how to build it; develop high self-awareness and clarity, master communication skills, have a healthy dose of stress resistance - and don't forget basic grooming.

When you add emotional intelligence and consistency, it helps preserve your image as a leader in the long term. Book the best corporate leadership training in Singapore now by clicking the button below.


Individual coaching, mentoring and training

Individual coaching, mentoring and training

One-on-one coaching helps you deal with challenges, overcome blocks, see blind spots, or simply discover the potential that you have inside ourselves.

Coaching is about partnering with you in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires you to maximise your personal and professional potential.

MetaMind, one of the top companies with leadership development programs, combines the traditional coaching approach with mentoring and skills development, as appropriate.

Career Skills

Define and Manage your Path to Success

Define and Manage your Path to Success with one of the best training consultancies in Singapore.

To map out your desired career, various steps are needed. It all starts by looking inward: what fulfils you? what are your strengths? We use a combination of assessments (such as Harrisons Assessment) as well as MetaMind's proprietary values test and KITE methodology. 


In addition, our team can help you in resumé writing and interview skills, personal branding, as well as networking with purpose. 

Harrison Assessments

Profiling tools

Harrison Assessments is a leading professional behavioural and personality assessment tool. Take a 20-minute test and get a deep insight into your work preferences and your drivers. 

The test results and our feedback sessions...

- increase self-awareness

- highlight areas for development

- determine your strengths and successful career path

Initial feedback is provided in a two-hour session, with potentially further follow-up career coaching or executive coaching. 

Studies show that diversity increases group intelligence, and organisations that truly embrace diversity are more successful.

Diversity and inclusion programmes provide minorities with the confidence and skills to lead. We address the specific skills and behaviour changes needed so your company can profit more from a diverse workforce.

The majority of our corporate training and development programmes focusing on diversity and inclusion focus on Women in Leadership, however, we also provide programmes to support other under-represented groups.  


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Women in Leadership

Diversity and Inclusion

Communicate with Impact

Influencing skills

Based on MetaMind’s "Walk the Talk" framework of effective communication, these programmes are tailored to address a wide range of corporate training solutions for communication issues: 

- smooth team communication

- feedback and appraisals that motivate

- managing conflicts, challenging conversations and negotiation with various stakeholders

- persuasion, and increasing your influence and impact

Our core workshops include concise communication, listening and empathetic communication skills, storytelling, as well as impactful body language.

Present with Impact

Engage your audience and truly get your message across. Say farewell to boring corporate presentations, sell with a convincing presentation to your clients, and inspire listeners at conferences to take action with your presentation!

At MetaMind, our corporate trainers are professional public speakers. In addition, we have a strong corporate background and know-how to impact through business presentations. We know the benefits, and limits of showmanship!

Watch one of Mette's speeches here. 

The Human Side of Change

Truly Thriving When Disruption Rules

Truly Thriving When Disruption Rules

In this age of digital disruption, volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity are the new normal.

Managing change is still considered a challenge. "Rolling out" a new strategy is no recipe for success. The main reason why change fails? People are not ready and knowingly or unknowingly resist change.

Let us support you in managing the human side of change with our corporate leadership training programs.

Happiness and Wellbeing

Thrive to Achieve and be Fulfilled

Thrive to Achieve and be Fulfilled

Happiness and wellbeing at work is not only possible, we should consider it a very high priority.

Organisations are slowly coming to realise they must treat their employees well, and ensure their mental and physical wellbeing. 

Our courses are tailored to your needs and can include stress management, energy management, resilience and defining fulfilling work.

Leadership Programmes

Effective leadership

MetaMind Training, the leading management training company, has conducted first-time manager programmes as well as various executive leadership programmes. In addition to our Authentic Leadership programmes, the latter include:

- inclusive leadership

- inspirational leadership

- human leadership

- the leader as a coach

- values based leadership

- creating psychological safety at work

Meeting Facilitation

Meaningful meetings

Meaningful meetings with MetaMind Training, one of Singapore’s top training consultancies.

If you would like to learn to conduct effective and inspirational meetings, our experienced facilitators are here to share their skills with you! You'll learn to consider what your meeting truly needs to achieve, how to manage difficult personalities, and get inspired by using creative meeting tools.

In addition, we facilitate your corporate meetings for you. You can focus on contributing with your professional insights, whilst we design and facilitate the meetings. As a neutral party, we can tackle any conflicts with tact.

Frequently asked questions

What are the characteristics of Authentic Leadership?

An Authentic Leader:

  • Has high levels of self-awareness: knows themselves and is genuine
  • Admits and takes responsibility for their mistakes
  • Has high emotional intelligence
  • Engages and listens
  • Understands and respects others
  • Shows integrity and fairness, and walks their talk
  • Engages, and shares their enthusiasm about the journey and destination
  • Is mission-driven, and focuses on results

Why is Authentic Leadership important?

Authenticity is one of today’s management buzzwords. However, it’s also part of the foundation of modern management principles in the 21st century. It’s about daring to be yourself – or an even better version of yourself. It’s about personal greatness.

Excerpted from Mette Johansson’s book, How to Make Yourself Promotable. To read more, visit Mette’s website to purchase the book.

Is Authentic Leadership effective?

In today’s workplace, we increasingly want leaders who are “real”. Countless leaders, in politics and business alike, have disappointed us because they’ve misled or even deceived us. We’ve always yearned for trusting relationships, and we’ve felt let down so often. Our belief in authoritarian leadership has been on the decline for decades, and it is an incomprehensible concept to many Millennials. In addition, we all have a growing dissatisfaction with polished, faceless leadership – we want to know our leaders. This is a reason why personal branding and top management branding are on the rise: it helps you to know yourself, and then understand how to portray who you authentically are.

Authentic leadership is an approach that emphasises building a leader’s legitimacy through honest relationships with followers that are built on an ethical foundation. Authentic leaders value the input of their followers, and they are generally positive, self-aware people who promote openness.

Excerpted from Mette Johansson’s book, How to Make Yourself Promotable. To read more, visit Mette’s website to purchase the book.

What are the seven components of authentic leadership?

“Know thyself”; Emotional Intelligence; integrity and fairness; and being able to focus on the main issue. seven components of authentic leadership

Why is Diversity and Inclusion important?

Mette Johansson is a strong advocate of diversity and inclusion. To hear her full thoughts on the matter, the links below direct to interview recordings of her on the topic:



What is the difference between diversity and inclusion, and equity?

Diversity is the umbrella term that covers all of the traits and characteristics which make people different from one another. It includes differences in background, sexual orientation, skin colour and ethnicity, ability, gender, education and much more.

Vernā Myers distinguished between Diversity and Inclusion by saying: “Diversity is being invited to the party; Inclusion is being asked to dance.”

Inclusion is about the behaviour or way of treating others in an accepting or welcoming manner. Many D&I experts have gone on to focus on ensuring that everyone, regardless of background, feels respected and heard in the workplace. That everyone can speak their minds freely, and feel a true sense of belonging.

Equity and equality are distinct terms. Equality is based on providing everyone with the same rights. However, look at the attached picture? Is providing these two people the same opportunities at work truly fair?

diversity and inclusion

Equity is providing everyone what they need to succeed.

Why do we need cultural intelligence?

The business world is growing more diverse. Which is good for the bottom line – and even more so when employees have a good dose of cultural intelligence.

Cultural intelligence means:

  • Strong curiosity of others and differences in wants, needs, and behaviour
  • In-depth knowledge of how cultures differ
  • Excellent observation skills on the impact of culture on relationship and business processes
  • A superior ability to adapt to different ways of doing things, and finally;
  • Defining successful strategies to navigate cultures.

How can cultural intelligence be improved?

Whether you work in or with a regional office, headquarters, or with virtual teams, MetaMind Training’s workshop will help you to truly appreciate cultural differences.

Individuals will learn to effectively navigate cultures, read and adapt to different cultures, as well as develop strategies for effective cross-cultural communication, including high-level negotiations.

For teams, it means higher acceptance of differences, less friction, smoother collaboration, and, through the inclusion of novel ideas, an increased level of innovation.

Why is effective leadership important?

Ineffective leadership has many disadvantages, ranging from low engagement and thus low performance rates, to high staff turnover, and even higher burnout rate among staff.

In addition, effective leadership is about treating others human beings with due respect, and is therefore the right thing to do.

MetaMind Training’s founder, Mette Johansson, has written two blogs that emphasise the importance of effective leadership:

What is the Harrison Assessment?

According to Harrison Assessments’ website, “the Harrison assessments focuses on providing the most accurate and effective assessments in the industry by dedicating a large portion of its resources to research, development and user-friendly software engineering.”

What are the advantages of the Harrison Assessment?

We have chosen Harrison Assessments as our preferred psychometric testing tool because we don’t see a correlation between personality trait and performance. For instance, why measure whether you are an introvert or an extrovert, as many tests do? Intuitively, we think that introverts are not good at people skills, and think that salespeople must be extroverts. However, research tells us that the best salespeople tend to be introverts – so why do we still use personality traits when we wish to raise performance?

The Harrison Assessment looks at your work preferences. It is based on the theory that we tend to do a task more frequently when we enjoy doing it, and thus become better at it. Our preferences are good indicators of how we tend to behave at any point of time.

Similarly, it looks at what you value at work, and at MetaMind, we know that we get energised when we do what we truly value.

Finally, the Harrison Assessment knows that a behaviour trait is not necessarily good or bad, and there are two sides that need to be balanced. For instance, being ‘frank’ may be an asset; but only when balanced with the right dose of ‘diplomacy’. The same is true for a total of 12 ‘paradox traits’, including analysing pitfalls versus taking risk and being assertive versus being helpful.

Balancing these traits that may seem at odds with each other, but in effect are synergistic, provides deep insight into how you can optimise how you show up at work.

How does the Harrison Assessment work?

We will provide you a survey link, which takes about 20 minutes to complete. After this assessment, we will provide a thorough debrief and jointly discuss a personal development plan. You will typically choose one area of improvement, which can, for example, form the basis of an ongoing, individual leadership transformation coaching programme.