Learning Programmes

Unmask the Leader Within

Authentic Leadership

MetaMind’s flagship Authentic Leadership programme. Authentic Leadership is much more than simply “being yourself”; it’s about inspiring others to follow your chosen purpose for the greater good.

This programme creates effective leaders whom we truly want to follow. Leaders, who have high levels of self-awareness and emotional intelligence and know that sustainable success requires leading with a purpose for the greater good. Human leaders, who listen, and lead a team of individuals to success.

Communicate with Impact

Influencing skills

Based on MetaMind’s "Walk the Talk" framework of effective communication, these programmes are tailored to address a wide range of communication issues: 

- smooth team communication

- feedback and appraisals that motivate

- managing conflicts, challenging conversations and negotiation with various stakeholders

- persuasion, and increasing your influence and impact

Our core workshops include concise communication, listening and empathetic communication skills, storytelling, as well as impactful body language,

Present with Impact

Engage your audience and truly get your message across. Say farewell to boring corporate presentations, sell with a convincing presentation to your clients, and inspire listeners at conferences to take action with your presentation!

At MetaMind, our speaker trainers are professional public speakers. In addition, we have a strong corporate background and know how to impact through business presentations. We know the benefits, and limits of showmanship!

The Human Side of Change

Truly Thriving When Disruption Rules

In this age of digital disruption, volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity are the new normal.


Managing change is still considered a challenge. "Rolling out" a new strategy is no recipe for success. The main reason why change fails? People are not ready and knowingly or unknowingly resist change.


Let us support you in managing the human side of change!

Happiness and Wellbeing

Thrive to Achieve and be Fulfilled

Happiness and wellbeing at work is not only possible, we should consider it a very high priority.


Organisations are slowly coming to realise they must treat their employees well, and ensue their mental and physical wellbeing. 

Our courses are tailored to your needs and can include stress management, energy management, resilience and defining fulfilling work.

Leadership Programmes

Effective leadership

Studies show that diversity increases group intelligence, and organisations that truly embrace diversity are more successful.


Diversity and inclusion programmes provide minorities with the confidence and skills to lead. We address the specific skills and behaviour changes needed so your company can profit more from a diverse work force.


The majority of our diversity and inclusion programmes focus on Women in Leadership, however, we also provide programmes to support other under-represented groups.   

Asian Women in Leadership

Diversity and Inclusion

Impacting across Cultures

Intercultural intelligence

Today, understanding and navigating cultures is as important as ever. Rather than focusing on “how to do business in….”, MetaMind’s approach is about developing a better understanding of differences, and how you can adapt and blend in when needed.


“Impacting across Cultures" includes modules that promote the ease of dealing with people from different cultures, smoothen communication and collaboration, preparing for successful cross-border negotiation, and even help people from traditionally more quiet cultures to speak up.

Executive Presence


Individual coaching, mentoring and training

One-on-one coaching helps you deal with challenges, overcome blocks, see blind spots, or simply discover the potential that you have inside ourselves.

Coaching is about partnering with you in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires you to maximise your personal and professional potential.


At MetaMind, we combine the traditional coaching approach with mentoring and skills development, as appropriate.

Career Skills

Define and Manage your Path to Success

To map out your desired career, various steps are needed. It all starts by looking inward: what fulfils you? what are your strengths? We use a combination of assessments (such as Harrisons Assessment) as well as MetaMind's proprietary values test and KITE methodology. 

In addition, our team can help you in resumé writing and interview skills, personal branding, as well as networking with purpose. 

Meeting Facilitation

Meaningful meetings

Harrison Assessments

Profiling tools

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