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Leadership today is not defined by wealth, titles, or hierarchy levels. We become leaders when we inspire others to follow us. Inspiration provides energy to achieve extraordinary things. When we are inspired, we can inspire others to join our quests. And being inspirational is easier than you may think.


In this webinar series, Mette Johansson will take you on an inspirational journey for you to become an inspirational leader. She will cover:

  • What makes a leader inspirational?
  • What inspires you?
  • What do you need to do to be more inspired?
  • How can you inspire your teams?
  • How can you become a truly inspirational leader?


This short webinar series will include self-reflection, a dissection of what inspires us, what creates inspirational leaders and a hands-on practice on skills to become an inspirational leader.


Be Inspired to Inspire!

Inspirational Leadership: Be Inspired to Inspire

  • 6 weekly online sessions, 2 hours each

    Wednesdays starting 10th May 2023 | 4pm – 6pm SGT

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