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Senela Jayasuriya

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Senela is the Founder & Global CEO of Women Empowered Global & the Founder of 1 Million Women in Power. She is also an Ambassador to the United States Presidential Service Centre, focusing on initiatives to promote inclusive workplaces and programs to promote more women on Boards.

She has trained teams from the World Bank, United Nations, Multinationals and Small and Medium Scale Enterprises. Senela is also a Judge, Speaker & Mentor at various Startup-events and Incubator programs such as TechStars, Founders Institute & the American Center.


She is a strong proponent for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion on a global scale and is passionate about helping ambitious women thrive in Leadership careers. She is a globally certified innovation expert & consultant to build innovation-driven teams and organizations, creating a more aligned and inclusive workforce on a unified purpose.

Senela has a strong track-record for coaching, training and mentoring Startup Founders and Corporate professionals to increase their leadership capacity and be bold and visible in leadership spaces. She works with leaders and companies from different sectors on their DEI initiatives and Women’s Career Development Programs.

Senela has been featured in the 'Preseidential Magazine' by the United States Presidential Service Center (USPSC) as well as the 'Lady Power Asia' documentary film by USPSC. She is also featured in a dedicated Chapter in the book 'Women Going Global' promoting gender equity in global trade. She has also been featured in the Formidable Woman Magazine, USA, as well as The Great Leaders Magazine, 2022.

Senela volunteers her time in service & advocacy projects serving on the Board of Zonta, an International non-profit organisation.

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