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MetaMind: Your Trusted Advisors on Leadership Transformation and Learning

MetaMind is a training consultancy. We consult on Leadership Transformation,  Culture Change, and Employee Engagement. We look at your systems and processes, as well as the skillset and mindset that you need to succeed,  

In addition to our consulting projects, we develop integrated learning journeys based on your specific development needs. At MetaMind, we want to bring the best out of you! We love and live learning.

At the same time, we are very aware that often, it is not individuals who need to be fixed. Your leadership culture, your systems and your processes will decide whether your teams are creative and take initiative, confidently speak up, and feel included and engaged.  

We specialise in the people side of leadership skills. Through a network of subject-matter experts, we tailor-make learning journeys covering all the “soft skills” you need to be successful in business life.


Our learning programmes include Authentic Leadership, Inspirational Leadership, Inclusive Leadership, Diversity and Inclusion including Women in Leadership programmes, Intercultural Intelligence, as well as a broad scope of communication and presentation skills - just to mention some. Coaching of individuals or groups complement our offer. 


We want to bring the best out of you. And when you inspire, impact and influence the world around you, you'll bring out the best of your team, too!


Leadership Transformation

Whether Leadership Transformation,  Culture Change, or Employee Engagement: our consulting services  include looking at your systems and processes, as well as transforming the skillset and mindset that you need to succeed,  


Learning Programmes

MetaMind Training is a training consultancy. We do not deliver

off-the-shelf learning programmes. Instead, we identify your skills gap – the gap, that when closed, will make your business thrive.

Online Learning

At MetaMind training, we believe in face-to-face learning. Nothing beats having a facilitator motivate you, provide feedback as to where you are on your learning journey, as well as inspire you to keep on track.


Our online learning are designed as an integral part of learning programmes and complement in-person sessions.

One-on-one coaching helps you deal with challenges, overcome blocks, see blind spots, or simply discover the potential that you have inside yourself.

With a panel of executive coaches, we are confident we have the right one for you.


Some meetings are too important for you to handle yourself. 

Hire experienced facilitators to ensure neutrality, balance, adherence to objectives, to unleash creativity, and to create a safe space for everyone to speak up. 

Meeting Facilitation

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Several of our facilitators are also international public speakers.

Mette Johansson speaks on Authenticity, Values and Authentic Leadership

Hire Ivana Fertitta to emcee one of your upcoming events


Start Learning Today

Whether you prefer to learn independently, or whether you’re looking for bespoke corporate learning programmes, contact us today.




Gain inspiration from leadership tips and musings on daily life.

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MetaMind Training develops and conducts client-tailored training courses. We are based in Singapore and provide services world-wide.


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