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Andy Huang

Head of Launch Excellence, Takeda

“Mette is a highly confident, competent, and knowledgeable trainer who highly engaged with her audiences in very interactive ways. She is always well-prepared and providing actionable and practical contents which we could put into practice in daily lives.”

Aileen Goh

AVP Talent Management, Capitaland

“We engaged MetaMind in several of our leadership and personal branding courses in the past years. Mette, as the principal facilitator, never fails to deliver the objectives of these courses successfully and clearly to our participants. Her personal and direct style of delivery always manages to engage our participants well and spur them on positively to think, reflect and improve on their skills, during and after the courses. That’s the spirit of continuous learning we want to inculcate in our talents and Mette’s excellent coaching achieved this well!” 

Aurelié Saada

APAC risk lead, Microsoft

"I really appreciated the time taken by Mette for the preparation of the workshop to ensure that it will address our needs, match the principles and values of the company and will come with hands-on and useful content for follow up by attendees. The workshops themselves were an absolute success.

All feedback given by the attendees were tremendous and it was great to see how the 2 workshops we did with Mette and MetaMind were dividing the approach in 2 steps, being complementary to each other and allowing our participants to really use practical tips to develop themselves. Thanks a lot MetaMind!"

Angela Kam

Head of Finance, Freemont Capital

“Getting a multi-disciplinary team engaged via a Team Effectiveness workshop was enriched with Mette’s charismatic brand of encouraging self-reflection, unlocking personal beliefs to be shared with openness, and reframing team dynamics within the organization.  The team came with an open mind, and after an interactive day with Mette, left with a deeper understanding of self, of fellow team mates and a broader appreciation of how we can communicate effectively with empathy as a team.”


Jennifer Gillespie

Human Resources Director Middle East & Turkey, Xylem Inc.

“Mette and I first spoke in 2020 in Singapore when I was looking for a speaker at our south east Asia IWD event. Mette took the brief and delivered beyond expectations, her ability to engage the audience, share personal stories and leave thought provoking messages is a true strength.  I am continuing to partner with Mette for the Middle East region (and her team) and we are receiving rave reviews from our employees on the women In leadership programme. I am excited for the male Allie’s programme we will be commencing later this year.” 


Marshal Khareen Vianata

HR Business Partner, Citibiank

Mette has been a strong partner, she listened well in every discussion, she understands the Asian context which helps to understand our challenges.


Meenakshi SP

Director Digital Strategy & Client Engagement, Citibank

“Mette joined us for on our International Women’s day event as a key note speaker on authentic leadership and left the Women’s network spell bound  with her profound insights and narratives. We received great feedback and the cohort’s earnestness to attend Mette’s workshop on Authentic leadership!”

Catherine Fitzsimon

Regional Director, Audience

Mette has been a trusted partner for Audience Communication & Events since 2019 delivering high quality group workshops and personalized one-on-one coaching. On every project Mette is deeply committed to make a meaningful impact for her clients.


Karen Hoong

SE Director, Channels, APJ, Pure Storage

“I was not only searching for a thought provoking program to coach our female talent into leadership, but to do it with empathy and understanding of multiple cultures, heritage and family values. I found Mette!”


Shobana Vaidhyanathan

Executive Director/Team Head - Private Client Group, Citibank

“I was fortunate to attend Mette’s Authentic Leadership workshop as part an internal leadership program at Citi. It was truly impactful and inspirational, it led me to reflect on my core values, strengths and how I can leverage these to be my true self.

Her module on Personal branding has stayed me as a guide for many years now, it really opened my eyes on how I can be myself and yet make a positive impact on people around me.”


Katrina Donina

Training programme coordinator, KeyNote Women

“Mette, as the Chair of KeyNote Women has delivered the opening session for our KeyNote Women Speakers programme. When training a group of aspirational women, she brings incredible vulnerability into a room that provides the essential basis for the success of our programme: creating authentic speakers.”


Christian Philippsen

MD, Beneo, APAC

Mette conducted a culture workshop with my team. She connected extremely well with my team and it was a pleasure to work with her. The workshop was full of energy and fun. My team truly enjoyed her. Thanks to Mette we created a better team bond and understanding for each other. I would highly recommend Mette and hope to have the opportunity to work with her in the future again.


Brian Tracy

Speaker, Author of 86 International and bestselling books and success expert

“I can highly recommend that you contact Mette to speak on leadership that delivers better results"

Daniel Priestley

Professional Speaker, 4-times bestselling author and CEO of Dent.


“Mette is an exceptional speaker, trainer, and author. She has a rich background in the corporate world and an entrepreneurial energy and vision.”

Apala Mukherjee

Director, Sustainability of Value Chains, BASF


“Mette catalyzes people to articulate their passion and purpose, inspires and encourages them to follow their goals and on top of that, finds ways to help and champion the pursuit. I have benefited from her steadfast personal commitment, and that is what makes her a rarity and why I endorse and recommend her to bring out the best in each individual in your organization"

Tony Zhang


“The training exceeded my expectation because:

  1. It is practical for our daily life (Work &personal)

  2. It is well structured with learning exercises and video watching, fun games etc.

I love it & Thank you”

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