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60 seconds leadership tip #1: Decision making

Did you know that taking a decision is statistically better than not taking a decision? Yes, whatever the decision, on average, inactivity is the worst alternative. It’s because we’re very likely to make it work whatever we decide. Things typically start falling into place when we work toward a specific outcome.

Gather the information that allows you to take a decent decision (yes, do listen to others!) whilst avoiding procrastinating, over-thinking, analysis paralysis, and the thirst for having perfect and complete information at hand. If you’re guilty of any of the above – consider imposing a deadline on your decision making. Simply pull together all the self-discipline you have and tell yourself to decide within two minutes.

Still not sure after two minutes? Leave it alone for a while. Sleep on it. Our brain uses the night to store all input from the day in the right boxes. This is why it actually works to “sleep on it”. However, next time you’re faced with alternative choices, do go back to your self-imposed two-minute decision making deadline. Too much time is wasted dwelling on decisions in the corporate world.

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