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Leadership Feedback Tip #8: Praise or criticism?

Leadership Feedback

I recently attended a conference where Richard Branson shared valuable insights on leadership feedback. One of his key points was: “Do not criticise your staff. Focus on giving praise”.


Are you ready to embrace the challenge of making this a criticism-free month? Throughout February, let's shift our approach at work (or in personal relationships) by turning criticism into positive feedback and highlighting praise when things go well.


As we've observed with children, reinforcing positive behaviour tends to be more effective than emphasising mistakes. My initial exposure to international schools impressed me; teachers underlined what the kids got right instead of using a big red marker to point out spelling mistakes. Let's apply this principle in the workplace as well.


Your team is likely aware when they've made a mistake, so there's no need to rub it in. If they miss a target, consider saying, "It's important to me that we meet the sales targets in 2017. What else can we do to reach this?" And when they achieve a significant milestone, take the opportunity to celebrate their success. Let's foster an environment of positive leadership feedback throughout this month and beyond.

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