MetaMind is a lean team of passionate trainers and support staff.


In addition, we cover a wide area of skills development by partnering with a wide range of experts. Typically, these experts have vast corporate experience and have decided to follow their passion for helping others succeed. It’s the gig economy – you engage a team of experts that are the most capable of delivering an optimal solution to your needs. 


In addition, Mette, MetaMind’s founder, also created KeyNote – Women Speakers, a directory of inspirational women, who speak and train on a vast area of topics. It’s a non-profit, 100% volunteer-run initiative to bring more diversity to speaking stages around the world. Through this network, we provide you with the right speakers and emcees for your events.  



Kaumudi Goda

Kaumudi Goda (KG) is an experienced HR professional who has helped transform organizations in Asia, Europe and North America. She built transformational capabilities at Fortune 500 companies as a talent strategist, culture builder and program manager.

KG has delivered industry leading results in learning and development, talent retention and management, and diversity and inclusion. She is a trusted business advisor and valued by industry leaders for her insightful, timely and accurate talent perspectives.

A Senior Certified Professional from the Society for Human Resource Management with over 13 years of client and project management experience, KG moved into human capital management after getting an MBA from the Indian School of Business in 2012. Prior to that, she was an attorney for seven years in the U.S. with an LLM from the University of Virginia. She is currently licensed to practice law in India and U.S.


She is an award-winning public speaker and a published author who enjoys conducting workshops, mentoring, and coaching.

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